Our Instructors

Sonya Dukett aka Zowie Starr

Owner/Nia Instructor/Reiki Master/Meditation Guide/Spiritual Life Coach

Sonya is an army wife, mother, grandmother, seeker, healer, and so much more. She found NiaVana in December of 2018 and fell in love while also finding healing. She was able to attach to her body and love it through Nia. She went on to earn belts in Nia and become an instructor. Sonya attends Generations Church and plays bass for the worship band while also playing bass/singing/writing in a punk band called Glass Emblem. She opened the studio for the community she is proud to call herself a part of with the goal of creating a safe place for people to practice their own personal practices.


Classic Nia
Mid-Day Mastering the Mind Meditation

JoAnn Howansky

Registered Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master Healer & Holistic Recovery Coach

JoAnn is an intuitive and practical healer who is passionate about guiding others on the path of recovery, healing, and holistic wellness. Her own healing journey began in 2010 when she moved to Pensacola and began to recover from complex trauma, addiction, and mental health issues. JoAnn believes in an integrated approach to recovery and wellness which includes faith, community, coaching, mentoring, nutrition, therapy, and other treatment modalities, and a myriad of self-healing techniques. She’s a teacher, practitioner, and fierce advocate for mind-body practices, including meditation, mindfulness, yoga, breathwork, mantra, and conscious creation. She’s also a Reiki Master Healer and works with sound and crystals in her energy work sessions.


JoAnn has her own holistic recovery coaching program called Radical Heart Recovery and is the Director of Yoga & Wellness at In-Home Recovery Care. She is one of the founders of Refuge Recovery Pensacola, a Buddhist inspired path to addiction recovery. She also co-founded an advocacy group called FAVOR (Faces and Voices of Recovery) Northwest Florida. Her background is in non-profit social services and addiction and mental health treatment, where she has held many roles. She is now fully devoted to sharing her experiences and knowledge with others through holistic coaching and yoga and wellness services so that they may live a life of ease and well-being and fully actualize their life’s potential.


Classic Nia
Mid-Day Mastering the Mind Meditation

Carlie Nagy

Massage Therapist / Breathwork / Holistic Heath Services

Carlie is a Holistic Health Practitioner trained in Western Herbalism, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Soma Breathwork meditations, Body Reading, Marma therapy, Lymphatic Massage, Somatic Massage, Reflexology, Medical Cupping, Ayurvedic Massage, Circulatory Massage, Tui Na (Acupressure) Massage, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage.


She started her journey in her teens starting to seek the age old mystic questions of life and history. Practicing yoga, pranayama, meditation, astrology, and tarot. Personally studying theology and mythology has given her an ability to see all of the interconnectedness and growing an appreciation for the different views expressed. 20 years, 2 children, 1 military divorce, and countless figurative personal and literal familial deaths later she finds herself whole and ready to live her full dharma of service. She is an avid student in the school of life and continuously adds to her education and resources. Current personal studies include Shamanism, NLP, Geotran, Hypnosis, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Deathwalking, Plant Medicine, Group Facilitation, and Didgeridoo. 


Carlie is very passionate about the power of holistically healing the mind, body, and soul and how she can help you facilitate your own healing journey today!





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Medicinal Movement

Samantha Voliva


Samantha Voliva is a Certified Reiki II practitioner, attuned by Reiki Master Sonya Nobles Dukett with Divine Reiki and a Board- Certified Crystal Healer with the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, accredited through the World Metaphysical Association and the American Council of Holistic Healers.

Samantha specializes in crystal Reiki, distance Reiki, Chakra balancing, and Aura cleansing. She is also an intuitive tarot and oracle reader, serving as a conduit for the messages of Source, with additional training in the areas of tuning forks, sacred space, and self-protection using crystals, working with crystal grids, working with pendulums and sensing crystal energy.

As a Lightworker and healer, Samantha is dedicated to helping you Raise your energy! Raise your vibration! and Raise your consciousness! through the transformative and healing energy of Reiki, crystals, and Tarot!




Ecstatic Dance Instructor

Brynnevere is a powerhouse in many different areas, vocally, emotionally, and spiritually. Brynne is on a mission to share joy and inner peace on a global scale. A deeply intentional songwriter and ecstatic dance Instructor, she brings lyrically driven melodies to the forefront of her music covering vital topics such as unconditional love, finding inner peace, and letting go of ego. A dynamic and bubbly performer, Brynnevere exudes joy as she combines her passions of yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, and motivational speech to inspire her audience to relax, be present and enjoy the experience here, and now.


Ecstatic Dance

Sahdia Saraab

Belly Dance Instructor

Sahdia began belly dancing like many students, as something she did once a week, for fun and fitness. However, she soon became enchanted by the power and passion of Oriental Dance (Belly Dance). She began performing locally at area Haflas and in 2006, she began performing professionally with her teacher, Rajaa. In 2008, Sahdia began teaching at local dance studios and community centers. She has completed the comprehensive Belly Dance Teacher Training Course based on award winning teacher Shemiran Ibrahim's "Belly Dancing from the Heart" Method.


Belly Dance

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