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NiaVana Studio is a holistic healing center offering a variety of weekly classes to promote a healthy lifestyle, including Nia, Tai-Chi, Meditation, and more. We also offer our clients a variety of Holistic approaches to health and wellness, spiritual growth, and physical well being. Offering Reiki Classes, sessions, crystal energy work, one-on-one health/life/spiritual coaching, and more. NiaVana Studio is safe and sacred place for all to find comfort in their Creator and find peace with-in!

What is Nia?

Nia is an inspiring, integrative movement + lifestyle practice for body, mind & spirit! Nia's barefoot, grounded approach maximizes body efficiency + teaches you to move more gently consciously. A fusion of movement styles, you'll experience the expressiveness of dance, the power, and precision of the martial arts + the wisdom of the healing arts such as yoga. Modern dance + jazz movements are mixed with heart-pumping karate kicks + therapeutic visualization techniques to help you develop awareness + heightened sensation. More than "working out," Nia moves you from the inside out, resulting in a whole-being practice that leads to falling in love with moving + living fully in your body. Nia is adaptable for all sizes, ages + levels.

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NiaVana Studios

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