Class Descriptions

Nia Classes

Join Nia Instructor Sonya Nobles Dukett for her weekly Nia classes developed to re-connect mind body and spirit... Nia combines techniques and concepts from Martial Arts, Dance Arts and Healing Arts, blending music, movements, and self-expression into dynamic, hour-long routines. While often delivered in a fitness class setting, the depth of the work lies in a rich body of education, which for many develops into a powerful life practice. Revolutionizing the world of fitness and well-being, Nia trains students and professionals to choose Pleasure as the path toward physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Medicinal Movement Classes

Join the NiaVana Family for this full spectrum heal and recovery 60 minuet class connecting Mind, Body & Spirit with Breathwork, Stretching, Movement, and Meditation. 

Combining the healing art of breathwork and yoga, the healing and strengthening of martial arts and dance and bringing all of these aspects together to completion through guided meditation. Enjoy 10-15 minutes of breathwork and stretching to activate your senses and release you into a higher vibration followed by 35-45 minutes of low impact medicinal movement for healing, strengthening, and cardio advantages bringing Mind, Body & Spirit into full alignment with 5-10 minutes of guided meditation.

Mind, Body, Spirit Alignment

Join the Niavana family as we incorporate Nia inspired movement, kundalini breathwork, the divine practice of yoga and spirit-led meditation to re-align and connect Mind Body & Spirit so that you may experience true balance and inner peace.

Join Reiki Master/ Yoga Instructor/ Addiction Councilor Joann Howansky for this amazing practice, combining breathwork, movement, and meditation, to create the perfect balance with-in one's self leaving your mind body and spirit aligned, refreshed, recharged and ready to experience peace and balance. To help protect our community and remain, healthy happy souls, we ask that you bring your own mat, pillow, blanket, and eye covering.

Tai-Chi Classes

Join the NiaVana Family as we welcome Reiki Master/Teacher Robert Kalaluhi to our weekly schedule... Bringing the art of HEALING from with-in every Saturday 9:00-10:00am as he inspires us all with his practice of Tai-Chi.

With a focus on breathing, meditation, and the physical benefits
of Ta-Chi, this class is design to help bring balance to mind, body, and spirit.

The major benefits of tai chi include its effects on improving heart health, treating arthritis, Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and chronic stress, and improving muscle strength, among others. It also improves balance control, fitness, and flexibility.

Belly Dance For Beginners

This class is for those new to Belly Dance or those who wish to continue their personal Belly Dance Journey. It is designed to be a fun and joyous way to learn the basics of Middle Eastern Belly Dance through low-impact fitness.

*No Dance Experience Necessary
*Wear Comfortable Clothing that is form-fitting, but not tight
*Hip Scarfs and Coin Belts are optional

This is a special love offering class. Keep what you need and share what you can.  *Not included in monthly passes. 

Ecstatic Dance With Brynnevere

It’s time to let loose, Pensacola! Reclaim your body’s wild side and tear down mental restrictions as you let yourself flow into freedom on the dance floor!

Ecstatic Dance is an experimental practice of radical self-expression and physical movement as an art form. It’s a dance that is completely unique to how you feel! All movement styles are accepted and encouraged so you can feel free to let your body heal itself through the ancient practice of dancing.

This is a space of acceptance, unconditional love, and respect. Everyone is welcome here. Everyone is cherished here. Everyone is a good dancer here.

This is a special love offering class. Keep what you need and share what you can.  *Not included in monthly passes. 

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